Yo & welcome, bright lights, audio cogs and flesh machines, internal dinglehoppers, the velvet onlooker… to all who care to pay fearless attention

This is a place for me to share creations, sources of inspiration, and scraps of encouragement. Questions scald, eh? Children learn to stop asking questions the same way they learn to keep their hands away from hot stoves – the answers/consequences are painful. Because I am a masochist I kept asking questions long after it was cute or socially acceptable. This is a place for me to unravel some of the answers that fill my hands like tangled, steaming noodles.


First, a cautionary word from Mr. Vonnegut on big brains! (Or, as I would say, small brains wearing tight pants.)

“As Mary delivered what was to be her last lecture about the Galapagos Islands, she would be stopped mid-sentence for five seconds by a doubt which, if expressed in words, might have come out something like this: “Maybe I’m just a crazy lady who had wandered off the street and into this classroom and started explaining the mysteries of life to these people. And they believe me, although I am utterly mistaken about simply everything.”

She had to wonder, too, about all the supposedly great teachers of the past, who, although their brains were healthy, had turned out to be as wrong as Roy about what was really going on.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Galápagos

and also,

“In the era of big brains, life stories could end up any which way. Look at mine.”


Whatever the bookends on this era may be, I know that I determine my response. Creativity is a response to creation, and insanity is a loop. maybe
some of my creations are responses to madness.


The following album, “This is where we are now” by Face Candy is kind of a spastic listening adventure but adequately and eloquently describes the backdrop/soundtrack of this little life-play I am acting.

1 Witness Intimidation
2 Pill
3 Life Jacket
4 Infant
5 Feeling Spayed
6 The Art Of Faking Orgasm
7 Buzz Kill
8 Adult Toys
9 Scream Therapy
10 Braille
11 Gun Powder
12 Disappearing
13 Pillow Bite


I hope to conquer fear.




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