Thankful Thursdays – Lauryn Hill gives back by sharing her Philosophies on Life to Students

Thankful Thursdays – Lauryn Hill gives back by sharing her Philosophies on Life to Students.

Parts 1 and 2 both, damn. And I didn’t even realize it was Thursday until after I started sharing this (sometimes synchronicity is stifling… other times I am grateful that someone is able to give words to what seems beyond my expression). Disclaimer: she talks a lot about her higher power with a male pronoun. I don’t think she’s necessarily trying to convert anybody. However I’m just making a note because I can be sensitive to religious and spiritual talk and it helps to have my own focus going in.
Thankful for her wise words and smiles this morning. Her references to The Matrix really baked my cake.

Notes and interpretations –

Sandwiches (for mah inner child yo). Bread is encouragement and love, meat is correction, and another piece of bread is encouragement and love.
Also, a loving environment for my inner child that allows individuality. Like, individuality is part of my vision of who I want her to grow up to be (aka who I want to be). So it’s not across-the-board permissiveness…the reason correction is in there is because I have the advantage of experience and its drips of wisdom. I am in the process of learning from many different powers that allowing myself to “just be” all the time, unchecked…well, it is a form of individuality but it’s not an individual I want to become.

“Love is confidence.”

The age-old “life is a series of mountains and valleys” saying with a fresh take. Some people see it as good times and bad times; she reframes it as times of mastership and times of study.
“Never be afraid of ‘not knowing’. Find out.” That’s how to climb to mastership.
Don’t be afraid of experiences that teach me.
Keep learning and riding the waves! If I insist on holding on to the idea that I know everything (or “enough”), then I’m holding myself back. Nobody knows everything, girl. Don’t get stuck. Some people might be on top of a mountain of mastership while I’m in a valley of study, and even though it’s dark and painful, it’s okay. I’m grateful for the words they shout down the hillside. It’s not like I’m climbing mountains in order to join those at the top. I’m climbing because I don’t like getting stuck.

I am grateful for the connection, and the community, and the bonds of friendship. I don’t intend to discount any of that. I know that when I feel so low and depleted like I have nothing of value to give, I want to give my inner child some sandwiches, take the mountainside at our own pace, and not worry about keeping up with other people. Love is my confidence.

Peace yo

Thankful Thursdays – Lauryn Hill gives back by sharing her Philosophies on Life to Students

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