love: ideal vs. idea

…versus disillusionment. (DAMN. My crazy-glue oozed ALL UP IN that shit. Lovers might still have love, but I’m too shamed by my snail-trail to glance back.)

“Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand.” -Thomas Carlyle

At hand – charting the unmapped/overstated.

() love, ideal: unapologetic authenticity. (“Love means never having to say you’re sorry!” – someone who has never been married.)

() love, experience: mutual goodfeelins, occasional authenticity, ending in apologies.

() love, idea: mutual authenticity, occasional apologies, resolved with authenticity, resulting in goodfeelins.

An onslaught of insight from Thomas Carlyle, as well as writing the phrase “occasional authenticity” just now, is sending my whirligig brain on a jaunty wind away from my heart. Come back! I want to dissect you and vomit you! Never mind, I want to preserve you and display you! Or, how long does this kite-string stretch?

just savor the tasty mash-up.

love: ideal vs. idea

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